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  1. Sarawak Teachers' Union [Kuching Division Branch]

  2. SRB Chung Hua No.1, Kuching
  3. SRB Chung Hua No.3, Kuching
  4. SRB Chung Hua No.4, Kuching
  5. SRB Chung Hua No.6, Kuching

  6. A Handy Monthly Calendar On-Line (1)[ 少女月历 ], (2)
  7. Send a Greeting Card to someone special [By]
  8. Join CKC Forum [ Discuss anything about Internet/computers/Software ]
  9. English Studying Corner [ 学 习 英 语 园 地 ]
  10. Sarawak Public Holidays in Chinese -
    [砂劳越州公共假期表] [2004-BM] | [2004]

  11. Swak well-known Chinese 

  12. Get A Free E-Mail address from ZZN Account
  14. Caps

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Sarawak Homepage - Hornbill Land

Kuching - State Capital of Sarawak


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Online Banking [maybank2u]
Paying SESCO Bills OnLine
   [网 上 还 电 单]
Sarawak Business Directory
Public Mutual Fund - Great Fund to invest !! - Public Bank Online Some Important Tel. Nos. in Kuching
   [重 要 的 古 晋 电 话 号 码]
DongJiaoZong [董教总] Holy Spirit Church [圣 灵 教]
Education/Courses New Straits Times
Wonderful Links Peterlai's Homepage - A great site to surf !!
Join CatCity Talk Yubin's Homepage
Listen to some sweet Midi Music
ZRM6.0C - One of the best Chinese Input-Systems

Chawan's Homepage at Vincent's Homepage at

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